BUILD SOLAR-BG Ltd. as a subcontractor company was established in 2012 by Emil Milchev ANGELOV in the province of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. From the beginning, our company started operating in different parts of Europe and in Turkey. Mainly, we are building power-stations for the production of green energy; we lay on electric power plants, prepare the hardware system and ensure that it is delivered correctly to the AG Lines. Our working principle, based on quality and trust, gained during our institutional and individual works since day one, broadens with new developments and initiatives day by day. Our team of professionals continues to offer their services concerned mainly about preserving one’s health and safety throughout the working process.



By far, our company has accomplished great number of corporate projects for the installation services of power plants in many countries. Respectively, today our work is performed according the high standards of the company with no exceptions made in regard to precision and safety.




Build Solar-BG Ltd. has made its number one priority to be contemporary and innovative. In order to achieve our aims, the company has gathered together a reliable team of well-trained employees, experts in the field of electricity, engineers and a production department, who control the whole process.

Build Solar-BG Ltd. is making all efforts to climb higher and higher up the success ladder. Our company grows every day and in order to increase its competitiveness whether in Bulgaria or abroad in the future years we fully depend on our strict quality policy, which, of course, will reflect on our customers’ fulfillment.